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Now that I'm taking a writing course, expect me to post some of the stuff I write. Feedback is welcome and encouraged. These are first drafts and I'd love to hear any comments you have.

Title: In The Past
Series: Elementals
Warnings: none
Characters/couples: Jason/Tarren
Rating: PG

The first time had been an accident. Neither had known who the other was when he had asked her out and she had accepted. By the time the arranged day came around they had already had their first fight. Even though each had almost been killed by the other’s friends, they both showed up at the diner. They had eaten in near silence, only making awkward small talk that faded out into silence. When they’d finished eating they split the bill and went their separate ways.

Two weeks later they were back at the diner. They talked a bit more and even shared a few smiles. On each date they had they were a bit more at ease. A bit more open. By their sixth date they were regulars at the diner. They met every Thursday at 7:00 and were always sat in the same booth. He always ordered a strawberry milkshake and a chili dog with cheese. She would have a chocolate shake and a veggie burger with the works. By their eighth date they didn’t even have to order.

During the week they went about their normal lives. He played his guitar and she worked in her garden. They went to class, did homework, wrote tests. On weekends they met up with their groups and trained to kill each other. Thursday nights at 7 though, it all got left behind. They went into the 50’s themed diner and forgot about the present and the future.

One year later she showed up early. She walked to the booth and sat down, placing a box on the table. She looked up and caught the waitress’ eye. “Just me tonight.” The chocolate shake came out and so did the veggie burger, alone on the table beside the box. She finished her meal in silence and then left, leaving the money on the table in front of the box.

Four hours later the boy came running in. He looked at their table, but it was empty. He went over anyway and sat down, staring at the box. “She left that here.” The waitress said as she brought him the strawberry milkshake. He nodded and opened it just enough to peak in. Closing the box again he picked it up and stood. Putting the money for the milkshake on the table he left.

Two years went by before either of them came back. Thursday night, 7:00, three years after the first date. He arrived first, the box tucked under his arm, and sat at their old table. She came in a minute later and sat across from him. They ate in silence, like they did three years ago. When they were done they split the bill and went their separate ways, the box packed away in her bag.