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Kingdom Hearts fanfic

I found some old fic on my computer while cleaning out folders. So here they are.

Title:  Yellow Hats and Ties
Series:  Kingdom Hearts
Warnings: slash
Characters/couples:  Riku/Sora
Rating: G

Sora wrinkled his nose at his reflection. Despite what Goofy had said, Sora knew he looked ridiculous in the dress uniform. And it wasn’t just because yellow wasn’t his colour. Really, the whole outfit was just too constricting. How the king expected anyone to move in it, Sora had no idea. The starched stiff breast of the jacket hardly let him breathe and the pressed pants kept his legs straight. He could just manage to sit down by cautiously leaning backwards and falling into the chair.

Sora grabbed a brush and tried to get his hair into some semblance of order. He really didn’t want to have to ask Kairi for hairpins to hold the hat on. He had just managed to tame the mess enough to jam the pale yellow top hat on when a white gloved hand knocked the hat into the air and ruffled his hair.

“You looked so presentable I had to make sure it was you.” Riku smiled at Sora from under his own yellow hat.
“Riku!” Sora whined. “I just got that to stay put!”

Riku bowed and tipped his hat. “My apologies then. I know how hard it is for you to wear hats, what with your lopsided head and all.”

“Jerk.” Sora muttered as he picked up the brush again.

Riku snatched the brush out of Sora’s hand and tossed it over his shoulder. “Give it up. You’re never going to get that mess flat.”

“Yeah, well at least I can see. You have your hair in your eyes so much it’s amazing you don’t bump into anything.”

“Mmmm, maybe. But I wouldn’t mind ‘bumping’ into you.” Riku stood behind Sora and wrapped his arms around the shorter boy. His hands slid up Sora’s body to the yellow bowtie. Slowly one hand started to undo it while the other flicked open the buttons of the crisp white shirt. He lowered his head and nipped at Sora’s ear.
Sora half-heartedly batted the hands away even as he bared more of his throat. “Riku,” he moaned. “We don’t have time for this. The king’s expecting us.”

“I’m sure Mickey’ll understand if we’re late.” Riku was already halfway down the shirt. The hand that had previously been occupied by the bowtie, which now hung undone around Sora’s neck, trailed up Sora’s leg to the button of his pants. A twist of fingers and the button popped open.


“Hush.” Riku placed gentle kisses along Sora’s jaw.

Sora sighed and turned around to meet Riku’s lips. He walked Riku back until the older boy was forced onto the bed. Climbing on top, Sora set to work on the buttons separating him from Riku. He pushed the jacket over Riku’s shoulder, trapping the older boy’s arms at his sides.

Giving him another kiss, Sora sat back on his knees. He gave Riku a large smile before hopping backwards off the bed. “Better get yourself put back together.” He said as he buttoned up his shirt and retied his tie. He grabbed up his hat and moved to the door.

Looking back he smiled at Riku, who was just starting to struggle out of the jacket. “See you in the Audience Chamber.” He left the room and closed the door, Riku’s frustrated cry cut off with a click. Reaching up, he ran a hand through his hair and sighed. Now, to find those hairpins.

Title: Embrace

Series: Kingdom Hearts
Warnings: none
Characters/couples: Axel/Roxas
Rating: G

Axel buried his face in Roxas’ blond hair. The younger nobody was sleeping, tired from his fight with the Twilight Thorn and the talk with Naminé. It had taken Axel far too long to find the boy. Even now he couldn’t stay long, lest he risk being caught. Axel just wished he could keep the boy locked up with him forever. Keep him safe from everything. Keep him away from the Organization. Keep him away from DiZ. Keep him for himself, where no one would ever find him.

I’ll take you away from here. Somewhere where it can be just us. You’re mine. No one can take you away from me.

Axel placed a small kiss on Roxas’ temple and wrapped his arms even tighter around the boy. The cold of Roxas’ body was a cool relief next to Axel’s burning fire. Slowly, Axel sat up, pulling Roxas with him. He settled Roxas between his legs and leaned against the headboard of the Twilight Town bed.

I don’t care about the Organization. I don’t care about DiZ. Sora can’t have you back. I need you more than he ever could.

Axel knew it was dangerous to stay in one place for so long like this. They were still searching for him. If they found him here, he might not get another chance to be with Roxas. But it was worth it. It was worth it just to hold him one more time. To just hold him and pretend that he had never left. Pretend that nothing had changed. Pretend that the boy in his arms would actually know him.

I don’t care if we don’t have hearts. It doesn’t matter. I don’t need a heart to tell me what I feel. All that matters is that we’re together.

Pressed up this close to Roxas, Axel could almost believe that he could feel the thump-thump of a heart. A heartbeat. Joy. A heartbeat. Excitement. A heartbeat. Love. Every imagined beat sent emotion through Axel. It was as though every emotion he had faked since losing his heart was real again. As though Roxas was his heart.

I’ll never let go. I’ve already lost one heart. Let me keep this one.

Title: Fighting the Darkness
Series: Kingdom Hearts
Warnings: none
Characters/couples: Riku/Sora
Rating: PG

Riku swung his keyblade, catching a Shadow across the head. The Heartless burst out of existence, but Riku had already moved on to the next, and the next, and the next. An unending stream of Heartless. Riku had already lost King Mickey, the mouse still fighting somewhere else in the blackness.

Riku. Riku.

Riku didn’t falter at the voice. He had been hearing it for…well, he didn’t really know how long. There were no days or nights here. Time didn’t exist. Only darkness. All Riku knew was that the voice would occasionally appear. Sometimes it was while he was surrounded by Heartless. Other times it would be in a rare lull. But it was always the same message.

Give in Riku. Let yourself go. You don’t have to suffer like this.

But he does. He has to suffer. It’s all that’s left for him now. He betrayed his friends. Sora. Kairi. He let them down. Even now, he doesn’t deserve forgiveness. All he can do is suffer for his crimes.

No Riku. You’ve already paid enough. You made everything right again.  Now you deserve to rest. Just accept it. Claim the power. You won’t have to fight anymore. It will all be over.

Riku shook his head. So tempting. If he just gave in and took the power the voice was offering, he could be free. He wouldn’t have to fight anymore. He could escape this endless dark.

You could see them again. Kairi. Sora. You wouldn’t be alone anymore.

Yes. He could go home. Everything would be alright. He just had to give in. He just…had to…give…No! Riku snarled and jumped back into the mass of Heartless. He couldn’t give in. If he did…no. He would never be able to go home then. He would never be able to go back to Sora if he gave in to the darkness. He couldn’t lose Sora like that. Not now. Not now that he had finally realized how much the other boy meant to him.

You can leave this place and take your Sora. Just give in to the darkness and everything will be better. No more fighting. No more worrying. Just power. You could make Sora do whatever you want. He would be yours. Yours forever.

Riku took another swipe at Heartless. No. That wasn’t how he wanted it. Sora deserved better than that. Sora would never accept someone who had given into the darkness. Sora belonged in the light. Riku would never allow darkness to taint that.

It’s already a part of you. Just give in to it. Just let accept it and let it out.

No! He refused to believe that. He had shut away the darkness. It wasn’t a part of him anymore. He had rejected it. Riku took a particularly violent swing at a Heartless, the creature and the four behind it drifting into nothingness. He would never give in. He couldn’t. Not if he ever wanted to go home. Not if he ever wanted Sora to take him back. Not if he wanted to keep Sora firmly in the light.

Riku waited for the voice to respond to his thoughts. Nothing. Just the sound of his keyblade taking out Heartless after Heartless. And, faintly, King Mickey, calling him back from the darkness.