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Another piece from class

I'm done my writing class now. Now I get to edit everything and get it all ready to hand in. I'm going to post some of the pieces over the next few days so if anyone wants to help edit, please feel free. They'll also be on my fictionpress account Feel free to check out my stuff there too.

So, here is assignment...5, I think.

I had the biggest urge to push her over the edge. She’s leaning over the safety bar now. It would be so easy to push her over. It wouldn’t take any effort at all. What would happen as she fell? Would she scream? Would she manage to grab one of the beams crossing from one side of the skylight to the other? Would she hang there and ask for help? And who would she ask? Surely not me, for I would be the one to push her. Though maybe if I acted horrified and said it was an accident she would take my hand. After all, we were friends. There was no need for me to try to kill her.

Maybe she would take my hand, a relieved smile on her face. She would reach for my outstretched arm with thank-you’s falling from her lips. What would she look like when I grabbed her hand? I would pull her back up and she would keep thanking me. Then, before she could climb back to safety, I would let go. She would fall again, the horror on her face even more pronounced after having safety so close and taken away. 

Perhaps I wouldn’t pull her up though. Maybe I would just lean over the edge and watch as she dangled. He legs would flail, trying to get a grip. Slowly her hands would slip and she would slip closer and closer to falling. She would ask me why and I would just watch, for I have no answer. It was an urge I gave into.

It’s possible that she wouldn’t manage to grab hold of anything. She would just fall straight to the floor. It wasn’t that far; only four stories. She could survive. I would have to push her over head first to make sure she didn’t. 

I wonder what sound she would make when she hit the floor? A splat? A thud? What did a human body sound like when it was forced to a stop so quickly? I’ve never heard one before, so I would have to listen carefully.

Would there be a mess after? Of course there would. There would have to be. There would be a bit of blood at the very least. It would depend on how she fell, but I suspect it wouldn’t be pretty. I don’t really like blood, but I would be up here when she hit. Safe from any spatter. 

“Hey, come look at this.” She pulls me out of my daydream and smiles at me. “Look. Everyone down there is gone.”

“Yes, they are.” I stand behind her and push.